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    How to Create FTP Account in cPanel.

    create ftp account cpanel

    Tutorial Overview.

    This tutorial will explain what FTP and cPanel is and will show you how to create an FTP account in cPanel and how to make an FTP connection to the server with FileZilla.


    What is FTP?

    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a network protocol used to transfer files between a client and a server. You could use it to transfer files from a computer to a server or from a server to a computer.

    What is cPanel?

    cPanel is a Linux-based control panel used for web hosting accounts. It basically lets you manage a hosting account through an intuitive interface. You can manage things like databases, email addresses, DNS settings, sub-domains, website files, FTP accounts and much more. It is the industry standard for Linux hosting and widely used by web developers.

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    How to Create an FTP Account in cPanel.

    1. Login to cPanel.

    You can get to the cPanel a couple different ways:

    To login directly to cPanel, add :2083 to the end of the domain name.

    eg. https://yourdomainname.com:2083.

    Or login to your hosting account and look for the link to cPanel.

    1. Once you are in cPanel, in the Files section, click on FTP Accounts.

    cPanel files section graphic

    1. Enter a Username in the Log In field.
    2. Select the domain name in the Domain dropdown field.

    add ftp account

    1. Use the Password Generator to generate the password for the FTP account.
    2. Check the box next to I have copied this password in a safe place and click Use Password.

    cpanel ftp password generator

    ftp password

    1. If you want root access, delete everything in the Directory field.
    2. Click Create FTP Account.

    cpanel create account

    1. Now you have an FTP user account and will be able to make an FTP connection to your server. You will see the new FTP account under FTP Accounts.
    2. Click on Configure FTP Client.

    cpanel ftp accounts

    1. To make an FTP connection, you need 3 things: the FTP Server, the FTP Username and the password.
    2. In this section, you will see the FTP Username and the FTP Server info.

    cpanel ftp credentials

    1. Pair these with the password you generated earlier and you have the credentials you need to make the FTP connection.

    Sometimes I have problems trying to make the FTP connection with the FTP Server name so I usually use the IP address instead. To get the IP address go to the main cPanel screen and click on Server Information.

    How to Make an FTP Connection with FileZilla.

    FileZilla is a powerful software application used to upload and download files to and from servers. It is free to use and you can download it here: Download FileZilla.

    1. Download and install FileZilla on your computer.

    download filezilla

    1. Open FileZilla.
    2. Go to File > Site Manager.
    3. Click New Site.

    filezilla site manager

    1. Enter the name of the website in the Select Entry area.
    2. Enter the FTP Server or IP address in the Host field.
    3. Enter the username and password in their fields.

    site manager filezilla

    1. Click Connect.

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