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    How to Exclude an IP Address in Google Analytics.

    exclude ip address google analytics

    Tutorial Overview.

    In this tutorial, I explain what an IP address is, why you should exclude it from Google Analytics, how to figure out what your IP address is and how to exclude it from Google Analytics.


    What is an IP Address?

    IP stands for Internet Protocol and an IP address is a number assigned to a piece of hardware, in this case, your computer, connected to a network. An IP address lets your computer to connect to the internet which is an IP-based network. Similar to how the postal system needs a physical address to be able to identify where the mail goes, your IP address is your identifier on the network you are connected to.

    Why Should You Exclude Your IP Address From Google Analytics?

    If you want to get accurate analytic data about your website from Google Analytics you should filter out your own IP address. This way Google will not count the visits you make to your own website. If you work on your website regularly, this is even more important to do.

    This tutorial assumes you have a Google Analytics account already set up. If you need to set up an analytics account, here are detailed instructions: How to Open a Google Analytics Account.

    How Do I Find My IP Address?

    1. Go to this website: MX Toolbox.

    mx toolbox ip lookup

    1. Make a note of this, you will need it in the next steps.

    How to Exclude My IP Address in Google Analytics.

    1. Login to your Google Analytics account.
    2. In the lower left corner, click on Admin.

    google analytics admin

    1. Click on All Filters.

    google analytics all filters

    1. Click on Add Filter.

    google analytics add filter

    1. Enter a name for the filter in the Filter Name field.
    2. Under Filter Type, select Predefined.
    3. In the first box select Exclude.
    4. In the second box select traffic from the IP address.
    5. In the third box select that are equal to.
    6. Enter your IP address that you got on the MX Toolbox website in the IP address field.

    add filter to view

    1. In the Apply Filter to Views section, under Available Views, select your view and add it to Selected Views.

    apply filter to views

    1. Save the page.

    Now your analytics account will not add your data to your analytics and this will give you more accurate analytics data.

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