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    How to Add a User in WordPress.

    how to add a user in wordpress


    This tutorial explains user roles in WordPress, how to add a user in WordPress, how to edit a user in WordPress and how to delete a user in WordPress.


    About WordPress Users.

    Simply put, a WordPress user is someone who is able to login to your website. If you are the only person operating your website, you may only have one user. If you have a large blog or eCommerce website, you may have thousands of users and it is very important to be sure that all of the users have the correct level of access. This is where user roles come into play.

    Types of WordPress User Roles.

    The user role is what determines the level of access each user will have on your website. Although you can create many custom user roles, I will explain the 6 default user roles that WordPress comes with.


    The Administrator has the highest level of access on a WordPress single-site website. They have access to all functions in the backend of the website so be very careful about who you assign this role.


    The editor role has the ability to oversee authors and contributors. They can create, edit, publish and delete all pages and posts created by anyone and everyone. They also have the ability to manage comments and upload content.


    Authors have the ability to create, edit, publish and delete their own content and upload images. They have no control over anyone else’s content.


    Contributors can write and manage their own posts. They cannot publish posts so this must be done by a higher-level role.


    The only thing Subscribers can do is manage their own profile. They have no access to any other backend functions.


    The SuperAdmin role only is applicable to WordPress multisite installations. They have complete authority over all of the websites that are in the network.

    How to Add a User to WordPress.

    1. Login to the admin area of the website.
    2. Click on Users in the admin sidebar.

    wordpress users menu item

    1. At the top left of the page, click on Add New.

    wordpress add new user

    1. Fill out the applicable fields.

    add new user

    • Username: This is what the user will login to the website with. It is required and can never be changed.
    • Email: This is the user’s email address and it is required.
    • First Name: User’s first name.
    • Last Name: User’s last name.
    • Website: If the user has a website you can input the URL here.
    • Password: If you want to keep a copy of the user’s password you can select to show it, otherwise the user will be able to set it up later.
    • Send User Notification: To send the new user an email about the creation of their account, check the box. It will go to the email address you input above.
    • Role: The role is very important to the security of your website. Select the correct role for the user. More about user roles.
    1. Click on Add New User.

    How to Edit a User in WordPress.

    1. Login to the admin area of the website.
    2. Click on Users in the admin sidebar.

    wordpress users menu item

    1. You will see a list of all the users on the website.

    wordpress users graphic

    1. If you have many users, you can sort them by clicking on each role at the top of the page.

    list user roles

    1. Locate the user you want to edit.
    2. Hover over the user’s name and click on Edit.

    These are a number of settings for each WordPress user. There are some plugins that create additional settings that I won’t cover in this tutorial.

    Personal Options.

    wordpress edit user personal options
    Visual Editor. Enable or disable the visual editor for this user. If you prefer to write in HTML this is a great option.
    Admin Color Scheme. Changes the color scheme for this user.
    Keyboard Shortcuts. Enable or disable keyboard shortcuts. More on keyboard shortcuts.
    Toolbar. Enable or disable the top menu bar for the logged in user.


    wordpress edit user name
    Username. This was set when the user account was opened and cannot be changed.
    Role. Sets the level of access to the website. More about user roles.
    First Name. Yep.
    Last Name. Yep.
    Nickname. Provides an alternative display name if you don’t want to display your real name.
    Display Name Publicly As. Tells WordPress what you want to display your name as.

    Contact Info.

    wordpress edit user contact info
    Email. Yep.
    Website. Enter the users website if applicable.

    About the User.

    wordpress edit user about the user
    Biographical Info. You can enter info about the user to be shown on their profile.
    Profile Picture. User’s picture to be shown on profile.

    Account Management.

    wordpress edit user account management
    New Password. You can reset the user’s password here.

    How to Delete a User in WordPress.

    1. Login to the admin area of the website.
    2. Click on Users in the admin sidebar.

    wordpress users menu item

    1. You will see a list of all the users on the website
    2. Locate the user to be deleted.

    delete user wordpress

    1. Hover over the user’s name and click Delete.
    2. Click Confirm Deletion.


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