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    How to Update the PHP Version in cPanel.

    update php version cpanel


    This tutorial will explain what PHP is, why you should keep it up to date and how to check what version of PHP your website is using. Then I will show you 3 ways to check the PHP version and how to update your PHP version in cPanel.


    What Is PHP?

    PHP is a recursive acronym that stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is an open-source, server-side scripting language that works great for web development and can be embedded in website code (HTML). If you have a WordPress website, you should know that WordPress is written in PHP.

    Why Should I Update PHP?

    Data shows that over 60% of all websites are running on an unsupported version of PHP. There are 2 major reasons so update your PHP version, performance and security. PHP 7.x is twice as fast as PHP 5.x. Google’s website ranking algorithm places a high value on website speed so it’s important to keep things up to date. If you are using PHP 5.x, you should know that it has passed its end-of-life and they are no longer releasing security fixes. This means that when a hacker finds a vulnerability, and they do all the time, 60% of the web is at risk. Why take that risk when you can simply update your PHP version?

    How to See What Version of PHP Your Website Is Using.

    If you are not sure about what version of PHP you are using, here are a few ways to find out.

    How to Check Your PHP Version With Wappalyzer.

    I know this extension is available in Chrome and Firefox but I’m not sure about other browsers.

    1. Install the Wappalyzer browser extension in Chrome or Firefox.
    2. In your browser, navigate to the website in question.
    3. Click on the Wappalyzer icon in the upper right hand corner of your browser.
    4. This will show you what version of PHP the website is using.

    Wappalyzer Screenshot

    How to Check the PHP Version Using REDbot.

    1. Go to REDbot.

    2. Enter the URL of the website in question.
    3. Hit Enter, and, VoilĂ …your info is displayed.
    4. Look next to X-Powered-By: for the PHP version.

    Use the Command Line to Check the Version of PHP.

    1. Open the Command Prompt(PC) or Terminal(Mac).
    2. Run this command:
    curl -I https://yourdomain.com

    cmd PHP Example

    1. Next to X-Powered-By: you should see the PHP version.

    How to Update Your PHP Version in cPanel.

    1. Login to your cPanel account. This should be at https://yourdomain.com:2083 or you can get there through your hosting account. If you are unable login to cPanel you’ll need to contact your hosting company.
    2. In the Software section, look for MultiPHP Manager or Select PHP Version.

    There are many cPanel versions and hosting configurations so yours may look or be labeled a little different.

    Software Section

    Software cPanel

    Update PHP With MultiPHP Manager.

    1. Click on MultiPHP Manager.
    2. Select the checkbox next to the domain you want to update.
    3. Select the PHP version you want to use.
    4. Click Apply.

    Multi PHP

    Update PHP With Select PHP Version.

    1. Click on Select PHP Version.
    2. Next to PHP Version, select the version you want to use.
    3. Click Set as Current.

    cPanel Software Section


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