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    How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress.

    install google analytics on wordpress

    Tutorial Overview.

    This tutorial will explain what Google Analytics is and why it is important to the success of your website. It will also demonstrate how to open a Google Analytics account and how to install it on a WordPress website with the MonsterInsights plugin.


    What is Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics is a free application that allows you to analyze the traffic of a website. It uses a tracking code to collect user data and log user activity while they are visiting a website.

    Is Google Analytics Important?

    If you want to run a successful website, it is extremely important! It will help you understand who is using your website and assist you in making informed decisions about your website. Google Analytics will tell you things like where your website users are coming from, what time they are visiting your website, what pages they are going to, what time they are visiting your site, how long they are staying on your site and so much more.

    How to Open a Google Analytics Account.

    If you don’t have a Google account you need to sign up for one before you open an analytics account. You can do this at www.google.com.

    create google account

    1. Once you have a Google account, login to your account and go to Google Analytics.
    2. Click the Sign Up button.

    start using google analytics

    1. Make sure Website is selected and fill out the rest of the information requested.

    new analytics account

    1. Click Get Tracking Id.

    get tracking id

    1. Accept the Terms of Service Agreement.
    2. Click Accept.
    3. The next page will show the Tracking Id and the code snippet. We will come back to this later.

    analytics tracking id

    How Do I Install Google Analytics in WordPress?

    There are a number of different ways to install Google Analytics on a WordPress website. This tutorial will show you how to install it with a WordPress plugin.

    How to Install Google Analytics with a Plugin.

    There are a number of different plugins that will allow you to install Google Analytics. I have used many of them and the one I like the most is made by MonsterInsights. This is a high-quality and widely used plugin and I will be using it for this demonstration. There are multiple ways to install a WordPress plugin as seen here: How to Install a WordPress Plugin. The easiest way is to install it from the WordPress Plugin Directory in the admin area of the website.

    1. Login to the admin area of the website.
    2. Click on Plugins in the admin sidebar.

    wordpress plugins menu item

    1. In the upper left corner, click on Add New.

    add new plugin

    1. In the upper right corner, search for MonsterInsights or Google Analytics.

    wordpress plugin search

    1. Locate the MonsterInsights plugin and click on Install Now.

    monsterinsights plugin

    1. After it is installed, click on Activate.

    activate monsterinsights

    MonsterInsights is now installed on the website so the next step is to hook it up to your Google Analytics account.

    How to Set Up Google Analytics with MonsterInsights.

    If you just installed MonsterInsights, you will already be on the setup screen. If you are not on the MonsterInsights setup screen, hover over Insights in the admin sidebar and click on Settings.

    1. Click on Launch Setup Wizard.

    monsterinsights wizard

    1. Select the type of website and click Save and Continue.

    monster insights step one

    1. If you would like more advanced features, check out the Pro Version.
    2. Click on Connect MonsterInsights.

    monster insights step two

    1. This will take you to your Google account.

    choose google account

    1. Click on the account you want to use then click Allow.

    allow google account

    1. Choose the correct profile and click Complete Connection.

    pick profile

    1. Adjust any of the recommended settings as desired and click Save and Continue.
    2. Choose Addons needed and then Save and Continue.
    3. Click Finish Setup & Exit Wizard.

    How to View Your Google Analytics in WordPress.

    Now that you have installed Google Analytics on your site with MonsterInsights you probably want to see the data. Click on Insights in the admin sidebar and it will take you to the Google Analytics overview report. You will be able to see things like sessions, page views, bounce rate, locations, most visited pages, and posts and a few other stats. The free version of MonsterInsights is fairly limited as far as information goes. If you want more analytics displayed on your site like Google Search Console or eCommerce integration, you will need to purchase MonsterInsights Pro. It is not very expensive and well worth the investment. If your Google Analytics account is new, you will not see statistics for about a day.


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