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    How to Sync an Outlook Calendar With a Google Calendar.

    sync outlook calendar with google calendar

    How to Get the Link From Your Outlook Account.

    1. Login to your Outlook account.
    2. In the upper right corner, click on the Settings link.

    Outlook Settings

    1. At the bottom of the Settings Panel, click on View all Outlook settings.

    More Outlook Settings

    1. In the left Settings Panel, click on Calendar and then Shared Calendars.

    Outlook Shared Calendars

    1. In the Publish a Calendar section, in the Select a Calendar dropdown, select your calendar.
    2. In the Select Permissions dropdown, select Can view all details.

    Shared Calendars

    1. Click Publish.

    Publish Calendar

    1. The HTML link lets you view the calendar in a browser window. The ICS link is what we will use to import the calendar to Outlook.
    2. Copy the ICS link to your clipboard.

    How to Add Your Outlook Calendar to Your Google Calendar.

    1. Open your Google calendar.
    2. Next to Other Calendars, click the Plus Icon.

    Other Calendars

    1. Select From URL.

    From URL

    1. Paste the ICS URL into the From URL field.
    2. Click Add Calendar.

    Enter URL

    How to See the Calendar You Just Added

    1. Go back to the main page of the calendar.
    2. Under the Other Calendars section, you should now see the calendar you just added.

    New Calendar


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